Action Riddles

These riddles are given by example. The solver has succeeded when they discover the trick and can give examples as well as the riddler.

Conventional Riddles

This is a collection of riddles that don't have a special theme or mode.

Low Grade Riddles

These riddles give riddles everywhere a bad name. When someone offers you a riddle, and then gives you these, you are disappointed.

Fun Problems in Number Theory

Number Theory contains a rich set of interesting problems, some suitable for you or I, some entirely unsolvable. This is a selection of my favorites.

Situation Riddles

With these riddles, the riddler gives an initial prompt, and the solver(s) ask yes-or-no questions to decuce the full circumstances of the situation.

What-Am-I Riddles

These riddles list a set of properties, and the solver has to identify the (hopefully unique) thing that posesses them.