Action Riddles

These riddles are given by example. The solver has succeeded when discover the trick and can give examples as well as the riddler.

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Green Glass Door

Ex. “There are trees behind the green glass door, but no leaves”

The riddle is to correctly identify what is and what is not behind the green glass door.

Solution The only things behind the green glass door have pairs of letters in the word.

Good Line/Bad Line

Ex. “Okay, from __ to __ is a good line.” and “From __ to __ is a bad line.”

The riddle is to be able to correctly identify good and bad lines.

Solution The line between two objects is only a good line if the word "okay" is said before the declaration of whether it's a good or bad line.

Magic Moon

This is a visual Riddle.

Solution The 'riddler' begins with a stick in the right hand declaring in some way that they're about to describe their magic moon, and uses the stick it as a brush to draw out whatever they describe in the air, then brings the stick to their left hand, drawing another object, and finishes with the phrase "That's my magic moon."

Egyptian Counting

This is a visual riddle.

Solution Make a little figure on the table with whatever’s available (phone, keys, etc.) and ask what number that figure represents. However many fingers you have on the table is the answer.

Black Magic

Two people, A and B, need to know black magic. B leaves the room. A, in collaboration with the “audience”, chooses an object in the room. B is called back in, where they will now attempt to guess the object chosen by A and the others. A then points out specific objects to be B, asking if that is the chosen one. After a few inquiries, A will ask about the chosen object, and for the first time, B will answer in the affirmative.

A: “Is it the desk?”
B: “No.”
A: “Is it the blackboard?”
B: “No.”
A: “Is it the stapler?”
B: “Yes.”

Solution The object before the chosen object must be black.