Blog Posts

De Bruijn Sequences

De Bruijn sequences make up a niche topic at an intersection of graph theory and combinatorics. We will discuss some of the properties of these sequences, and their surprising applications.

Topics in Language and Meaning

This post is a crash course on the introductory topics in the Philosophy of Language and Meaning. If you're a natural language speaker, then in a sense, you're already an expert on these topics!

A Theory on Dharma

Who are you meant to be? Is that who you are? How can you become that person? We discuss an actionable guide to answering these questions, which is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Psychology of Love

In this post, we discuss a General Theory of Love, which makes bold and uplifting claims about the power of the emotional mind. Whether or not the theory is completely true, there are valuable ideas to be gleaned.